The course – Forensic language expertise SUSU LC

is excited to announce the start of admission for the new course of professional requalification “Forensic language expertise” for Bachelors, graduates & Masters of Linguistics, Law, Philology, & Psychology.

The course lasts 10 months / 1260 h.

At the end of the course you get a SUSU diploma of professional requalification that allows you to work as an expert providing a wide spectrum of expertise: phonoscopic, author detection, handwriting & forensic language expertise.



The course includes the following subjects:

  • Theory of the language,
  • Modern Russian language,
  • Sociolinguistics,
  • Psycholinguistics,
  • Stylistics & literary editing,
  • Fundamentals of NLP,
  • The basics of forensic language expertise,
  • Techniques of analyzing the written speech,
  • Audio and sound record phonoscopic expertise,
  • Author detection expertise,
  • Handwriting expertise.


Classes time: evening

Tutors are teachers having a degree in philology (doctoral & candidate).

The course starts in September of 2018.

Fee: 50000 rubles.