SUSU Language Centre offers high-quality knowledge of foreign languages.

SUSU Language Centre was founded in September of 1992 in Chelyabinsk State Pedagogikal Institute. Olga Alexandrovna Turbina was appointed Director in April of 1994. In Novermber of 1998 Linguistic Centre moved to SUSU where it has been situated ever since.


Our team 

Турбина Ольга Александровна Турбина Марина Владимировна Ерёменко Ольга Юрьевна Жеребятьева Екатерина Сергеевна

Turbina Olga Alexandrovna

PhD (philology), professor,
Director of SUSU Language Centre

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Turbina Marina Vladimirovna

Deputy Director of Organisational
& Instructional Work

Eremenko Olga Yurievna

Deputy Director of Teaching
& Guiding Work

Zherebyatieva Ekaterina Sergeevna